Szent István University Research Catalogue

Dear Reader,

Nowadays it is a special requirement from the universities and colleges to establish close connection with business life, large and small enterprises. They are the so called stakeholders, who support the students providing practical training, advising the diploma theses. If the university did well its mission, then companies might employ our students in the future. Their experts might become our visiting lecturers, who participate in our final exam committees and do joint research with us and help in education.

Realising the above mentioned goals, first of all we have to monitor our research and progress, which will bring benefits for the businesses in the future.

Szent István University started to map its knowledge base, however it has not completed yet. The offer for educational and research cooperation is available for our business partners. Introducing this publication to you I also call my colleagues to update and expand the cooperation topics from time to time and if you have a new idea or proposal, which fits with Szent István University program, feel free to contact us.

We believe that these guidelines provide you useful information and strengthen the connection between business life and education.

Respectfully yours

János Tőzsér PhD




Published in 2013, in the framework of New Szechenyi Plan. Program title is: Raising the quality of educational and research performance at Szent István University. (contact number: TÁMOP-4.2.1.B-11/2/KMR-2011-0003).




Research activity of the Szent István University (SZIU) has long term traditions. As recognition of its scientific activity SZIU received a qualification of "excellent university" in 2010. Scientific cooperation within the university and with other higher educational institutions, academic and research institutes is very important. It became more and more important to be in contact with the business sector as well.

As a first step, this small booklet had been prepared presenting the university research teams and all the research fields and development. We would like to present their innovative and advisory services.

Within the framework of TÁMOP-4.2.1-08/1/KMR-2008-0003 grant programme the Technology Transfer Group had been established at the Grants Administration and Innovation Centre (PIK) of the university in the fall of 2010. Its mission is strengthening the relationship between the university and the business life through the following activities:

  • organizing inside courses in intellectual property protection and innovation management and awareness raising
  • collecting new, innovative ideas from the research teams and evaluating them for potential utilization, facilitating market access for the promising ideas (products, services) providing legal and economic advice
  • novelty search, intellectual property protection (e.g. patenting) and maintenance of university patents involving external experts
  • contribution in contracting and formulating the research contracts, their performance monitoring
  • assistance in the formation of spin-off companies facilitating the business use of intellectual property
  • internal and external consultations for the utilization of the research results, covering the administrative issues, which allows the research teams to perfect operation.

However the goals and working methods of researchers and businessmen are different in many aspects, the cooperation could be beneficial for both parties. The Grants Administration and Innovation Centre Team offers them help.