Agri-Environmental Management Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Tamás Szalai PhD., associate professor


Professor: 2
Associate professor: 3
Assistant professor: 2
Junior assistant professor: 1
Departmental engineer: 3
PhD student: 2

Ecological crop production, Plant cropping systems, Food quality, Eco-food quality, Organic farming, Botany, Archaeo botanical research, The history of plant diversity in the Carpathian Basin, The use of organic matter in organic farming, Apiculture, Ecological farming in apiculture, Animal welfare and ethology studies, Ethnography, Rural development, Alternative teaching methods of rural development, Land and cultivation history, Monitoring landscape changing

Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society
Hungarian Ethological Society
Hungarian Veterinary Chamber
Hungarian Physiological Society
Association of Hungarian Small Animal Breeders for Gene Conservation
International Work Group for Paleoethnobotany
World Poultry Veterinary Science Association
Hungarian Laboratory Animal Science Association
European Society for Environmental History (ESEH)

GAK Non-Profit Ltd., Hungary
Institute for Small Animal Research and Co-ordination Centre for Gene Conservation, Hungary
Research Institute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition, Hungary
Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary
University of Pannonia, Hungary
Kaposvár University, Hungary
University of Hohenheim, Germany
University of Regensburg, Germany
HBLFA Schönbrunn, Austria
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic
National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science

performance test
selection of basic information (apiculture)
joint research, education


EU LLP Leonardo Enhancing local program based innovation and development – a landscape and natural resources perspective, TRACOPI (2010)
FMM The Second National Environmental Programme (NKP-II), preparing the first, annual” implementation plan” (2004)
OTKA Ethnic, ethnological and cultural phenomena among Hungarians in Croatia after the war in 1991 (2003)
Education of young parents on eco-tourism and eco-farming field and help them to find jobs in the area of Gödöllő, Aszód and Veresegyház (2012)
EU-SANCO Coordinated European Animal Welfare Network (2013)
EU-LLP-Leonardo Vocational training in organic vegetable and fruit production (ECOVOC) (2011)

Hungarian Bee-Breeders Association (since 2000), Hungarian Bioculture Association, Gene bank (since 2000), EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) (since 2010)