Crop Production Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Márton Jolánkai DSc., professor, director of institute, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Professor: 5
Associate professor: 3
Assistant lecturer: 3
Research fellow: 3
PhD student: 5

Production of cash crops, Field crop technologies, Plant cropping systems, Weeds, Transgenic crop plants, Soil science, Agrochemistry, Biodiversity, Soil contamination, Soil ecology, Soil fertility, Soil protection, Soil remediation, Temperate zone agriculture, Impacts of climate change, Quality management in crop production, Climate change research: adaptation and mitigation , Renewable energy research: annual and perennial energy crops.

Committees on Soil Science, Water management and Crop Production
Hungarian Society for Agricultural Sciences
European Society for Agronomy
European Association of Agricultural Economists
International Soil Tillage Research Organisation
Alps Adria Scientific Cooperation

Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd., Szeged, Hungary
Centre for Agricultural Research, Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of HAS, Hungary
Centre for Agricultural Research, Agricultural Institute of HAS, Hungary
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Czech Republic
University of Hertfordshire, UK
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

crop production technology development
implementation of crop production experiments – both laboratory and field levels
cereal quality laboratory analyses
climate change impact monitoring and management
advisory services in crop production, land use and soil management.
climate damage mitigation soil tillage


NKTH TÉT  Soil cultivation technological development in Central Europe - Knowledge exchange (2011)
NKTH TÉT The cultivation and fertilization effect on the expected climate risks in Hungary and Croatia, the soil vulnerability and protection (2009)
NKTH TÉT Injury assessment model and determination of the drought in grassland management (2009)
NKTH Jedlik The prevention, prediction and reduction of climate change damaging effects in the agri-food production verticum (2008)
NKTH Jedlik The development of energy cane mass production technology and the agro-franchise-type model for renewable energy sources (2007)
NKTH NKFP Agro Ecology: The environmental context and the regulation possibilities of agro ecosystems (2005)
OTKA Possibilities of the integrated weed management and soil conservation tillage in the environmentally sound crop production (2004)
OTKA Measuring and modelling water and carbon balance of managed agricultural lands (2012)

Agricultural companies, Agricultural machinery trading company, Insurance company (since 2009), Logistics company (since 2001), Seed producing and trading companies