Horticultural Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Lajos Helyes DSc., professor, director of institute, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

CONTACT: Helyes.Lajos@mkk.szie.hu

Professor: 1
Associate professor: 2
Assistant professor: 4
Research fellow: 1
Assistant: 3
PhD student: 4

Horticultural food products, Experiments on quality of horticultural food products (HPLC, GC-MS etc.), Irrigation scheduling and piloting of horticultural crops, Horticultural technology experiments (nutrition, variety, irrigation), Ornamental perennials and trees, Mycorrhizas in horticulture, Effect of biotic and abiotic factors on biosynthesis of phytonutrients in case of vegetables.

Hungarian Association for Innovation
Committee on Horticulture of HAS
FruitVeB Hungarian Interprofessional Organization for Fruit and Vegetables
International Society for Horticultural Science

National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science, Hungary
Central Food Research Institute, Hungary
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Ministry of Rural Development
European Plant Science Organisation, Belgium
University of Bologna, Italy
University of Palermo, Italy
Auburn University, USA
NARO Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science, Japan

research on bioactive substances of vegetables for functional food production
comparative studies on vegetable varieties
vegetable cultivation technology experiments
timing and modeling of vegetable production
mycorrhization with truffles any other vegetables
biological and integrated crop protection
relationship of nutrition and quality in vegetable crops
research on the competitiveness of the vegetable sector
adaptation of cultivation technologies of bamboos and palms to Hungarian environmental conditions


EU FP7 Reducing the need for external inputs in high value protected horticultural and ornamental crops, EUPHOROS (2011) (subcontract)
NFÜ TÁMOP Raising the quality of educational and research performance at Szent István University (2011)
NKTH Jedlik Developing high value-added vegetable-based product lines and manufacturing technology to a healthy diet (2009)
NKTH NTP Sustainable gardening, competitive vegetable sector platform FKTPKT28 (2008)
NKTH TÉT Improving the quality of the vegetables and reducing environmental impact by using controlled nutrient release fertilizers (2008)
NKTH TÉT  Truffle ecology and truffle cultivation research (2008)
NKTH Déri Development of a Food Traceability and Safety System based on Electronic Data Capture and Management (2007)
NKTH GAK Truffle cultivation, a tool of rural development and sustainable agriculture (2005)
NKTH GAK Utilization of tomatoes and lycopene-containing by-products in order to increase nutritional values in food and feed (2005)
NKTH GAK Regional development of greenhouse sweet pepper growing technology based on biological pest control in Jászság (2005)

Agricultural companies (producer organizations and food processing plants)