Plant Protection Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: József Kiss PhD., professor


Professor: 1
Associate professor: 5
Assistant professor: 3
Junior assistant professor: 1
Research fellow: 1
Departmental engineer: 2
Assistant: 4
PhD student: 8

Phytopathology, Plant pests, Weeds, Weed management, Integrated plant protection, Biological control, Pest models and control decisions, IPM and environmental protection in agriculture

AGK Renewable Energy, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology Cluster
Hungarian Biological Society
Hungarian Weed Research Society
Hungarian Plant Protection Society
Hungarian Entomological Society
European Weed Research Society
International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants
International Working Group on Ostrinia and other Maize Pests
ENDURE European Research Network

Centre for Agricultural Research, Plant Protection Institute of HAS, Hungary
Centre for Agricultural Research, Agricultural Institute of HAS, Hungary
University of Szeged, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunobiology, Hungary
Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd., Szeged, Hungary
Agroscope Swiss Federal Research Station
CIRAD Agricultural Research for Development, France
National Research Council, Italy
Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute – National Research Institute, Poland
French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
Julius Kühn Institute, Germany
Wageningen University & Research Centre, Plant Research International, the Netherlands
Rothamsted Research, UK
Danish Agricultural Advisory Service
Aarhus University, Denmark
University of Lleida, Spain
Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, Italy

plant health and damage surveys,
pesticide (incl. biopesticide) efficacy tests,
adaptation of biological control methods,
environmental impact assessment
resistance tests
mycorrhizae as yield increasing
natural antagonists in biological control


OTKA Comparative analysis of genetic and induced resistance to downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii (Farl.) Berl. et de Toni) and white rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary) in sunflower (2010)  
NKTH TÉT Osmotic stress signal transduction and role in secondary metabolism (polyketide toxins producing) in Fusarium species (2009)  
IVF Spread, population density and IPM considerations of WCR (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte) in Transcarpathia (2008)  
NKTH Jedlik Classical and biotechnological methods to breed maize hybrids resistant to corn rootworm (2008)  
NFÜ GOP Development of enviromentally friendly plant protection product from entomopathogenes (2012)
EU-FP7 Quantification of Ecological Services for Sustainable Agriculture, QUESSA (2012)
EU FP6 European Network for the DURable Exploitation of crop protection strategies, ENDURE (2007)  
NKTH Jedlik Development of a complex soil-microbiological product-line to provide environmentally-friendly, economical nutrient-supply (2007)  
NKTH Jedlik
Development of highly-efficient composite biocontrol products against the pathogen microorganisms in vegetable and mushroom cultivation (2007)  
GTZ Impact of transition and accession on IPM in selected Central and Eastern European countries: Case studies from Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia (2006)  
EU FP6 Harmonise the strategies for fighting Diabrotica virgifera virgifera, DIABR-ACT (2006)  
NKTH GAK Product and technology development of phosphorus-based soil conditioner granules used in organic farming and establishment of market success (2006)  
NKTH NKFP Development of biocontrol strategies for the application in mushroom production (2005)  
NKTH GAK Enhancing sunflower cultivation with biological disease control (2005)  
NKTH GAK Regional development of greenhouse sweet pepper growing technology based on biological pest control in Jászság (2005)  
FAO Integrated Pest Management for Western Corn Rootworm (WCR) in Central and Eastern Europe (2004)  
OTKA Chemical ecology of lepidopterous pests of corn: identification of new kairomones and pheromones for practical monitoring (2004)  

Agricultural companies, Farms, Chemical and seed companies, SMEs, R&D enterprises