Research Groups at the Department of Environmental Economics

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: László Podmaniczky PhD., associate professor


Associate professor: 6
Research fellow: 2
Research assistant: 3
PhD. student: 7
Administrative: 1

Agricultural economics, Agricultural environmental economics, Economic and environmental aspects of energy problems, Sustainable food systems, Sustainable rural development, Environmental economics, Environmental conflict management, Environmental and nature protection law, Agricultural policy, Environmental protection and nature conservation policy, Environmental social research, Ecological economics, Deliberative valuation of ecosystem services


Agricultural Environmental Economics Research Group (AKUT)
AKUT deals with the integrated aspect of the multifunctional agriculture on farm-, regional-, country and European level. The main objective of the group is to research and test practice oriented solutions that help improving both the state of the environment and the livelihoods of rural populations at the same time.


Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG)
ESSRG practises transdisciplinary research at the interface of natural and social sciences. Complex social-ecological phenomena are interpreted through integrated analyses of historical cultural, ecological, social, political and economic dimensions. Special emphasis is put upon policy implications, research ethics, and the science-society interface by action-oriented and participatory research.


Renewable Energy-system Strategy Planning Group (MERT)
Activities of MERT focus on transition processes of local communities towards low carbon societies. The participative planning of local energy (both endo- and exosomatic) systems based on local resources is one of the most important means in this challenge.


research (qualitative and quantitative design and analysis), evaluation studies
applied research, conflict management, participatory action research
preparation of econometric models


EU FP7 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Arguments for our future Environment, BESAFE (2011)
OTKA Participatory Valuation of Agro-ecosystems Services (2009)
EU Central Europe Programme
Strengthening the energetic use of biomass in Central and Eastern Europe by establishing a standardised transnational consulting net for regions, COACH BioEnergy (2009)
EU FP7 Biocommodity refinery, BIOCORE (2009)
EU FP7 Rethinking Globalization in the light of Contraction and Convergence, CONVERGE (2009)
EU FP7 Indicators for biodiversity in organic and low-input farming systems, BioBio (2009)
EU FP7 The Science Cafes Network, SciCafe (2009)
NKTH Apponyi Action research and action learning in the human-nature relationship, methodologies and tools for specific actions (2008)
OTKA The Role of Environmental Inspectorates as Street-level Bureaucrats in the Implementation of Environmental Policy (2007)
EU FP7 Facilitating Alternative Agro-Food Networks (AAFNs): Stakeholder Perspectives on Research Needs, FAAN (2007)
EU LLP Leonardo The Agri-Marketing Project (2007)
Swiss Contribution Sustainable conservation on Hungarian Natura 2000 sites (2012)
EU South East Europe Programme Guardians of Environment Framework: An integrated approach of strategies for prevention of soil pollution and rehabilitation of harmed territories, GuardEN (2012)
EU LLP Leonardo Agri-environmental farm diagnostic tool in vocational training, AGRIDIAG (2012)
EU FP7 Development and application of new methodological frameworks for the evaluation of environmental impacts of rural development programmes in the EU, ENVIEVAL (2012)

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