„Appearance of Socal Inequalities in Indifferent Locations and Time„ Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER:  Lajos Köteles PhD., college professor

CONTACT: Koteles.Lajos@gk.szie.hu

Professor: 1
College associate professor: 1
Assistant professor: 1
Junior assistant professor: 2
University student: 3

Monitoring social processes, The role of non profit sector to reduce social inequalities, The role of social care system, The effect of social care system changes on different layers of society. Examining situation of disabled people, Problems related disability and social responsibility

Békéscsaba Research Group of Great Plain Research Department, Institute of Regional Studies, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of HAS
Committee on Sociology, Section of Economics and Law, Regional Committee in Veszprém of HAS

statistical and questionnaire analysis
professional support for local governments in the issues affecting equal opportunities, elder society and civil sector
social impact assessments