Technology and Water Management Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Péter Köles PhD., associate professor, director of institute


Associate professor: 1
College professor: 1
College associate professor: 2
Junior assistant professor: 1
Teacher of engineering: 1
Departmental engineer: 1
Administrator: 1

Renewable energy sources, Agricultural mechanization, Irrigation technology, Water management, Amelioration, Agricultural meteorology, Soil physics and soil mechanics, Microclimatic research, Alga breeding and separation research

Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology of HAS
Committee on Agricultural Engineering of HAS
Hungarian Society for Agricultural Sciences, Committee on Water Management and Soil Science
Hungarian Irrigation Association
Hungarian Meteorological Society

Szarvasi Agrár cPlc., Hungary
Szarvasi Mozzarella Ltd., Hungary
Gallicoop Turkey cPlc., Hungary
Mezőmag Seed Production, Treatment and Distribution Ltd., Hungary
Körös Agrár Agricultural and Service Ltd., Hungary
Directorate for Environmental Protection and Water Management of Körös Area, Hungary
Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Békés, Hungary
Energotest Ltd., Hungary
ATEV Rendering cPlc., Hungary
Agro-Békés Ltd., Hungary
Csaba-Metál cPlc., Hungary

consulting (irrigation, waste management, amelioration)
expertise (technical, environmental and water management)
adult education
soil and nutrient inspection
micro-climate survey


NKTH Baross Omniscience of the renewable energies in the Southern Great Plain (2006)
NFÜ - GVOP. Environmentally conscious hydro culture (2005)
NFÜ - TÁMOP Achiving quality and modern higher education at Szent István University (2010)
NFÜ - TÁMOP Targeted basic research – Examining the incorporation of the omega fatty acids into animal body (2012)
NFÜ - TÁMOP Basic research and development at the pyrolysis technology research center of Szent István University (2012)