Applied Energy and Mass Transport Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: János Beke DSc., professor, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Professor: 3
Associate professor: 1
Assistant professor: 2
Junior assistant professor: 1
Assistant: 1
PhD student: 3

Theory and computer aided modelling of energy and mass transport processes, Energy technologies, Grain drying equipment development, Microwave engineering, Food dehydration process modelling, Cooling theory, Food refrigerators development, Automotive and building climate control, Caloric machine energy transport processes, Internal combustion engine technology, Heat production, Heat transfer, Thermal insulation, Thermal engineering

Committee on Agricultural Engineering of HAS
Committee on Technical Chemistry of HAS
Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering
Hungarian Biomass Association
Hungarian Scientific Society of Energy Economics
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
World Engineering Education

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Hungary
University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology, Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering, Hungary
Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering
University of Szeged, Engineering Faculty, Hungary
Technical University of Lodz, Poland
McGill University, Canada
National University of Singapore

development of crop-drying equipment
consulting (refrigerators, dryers, thermal equipments)
microwave drying technology
development of caloric machines
development of air conditioning systems
thermo-technical courses


NFÜ TÁMOP Energy production based on renewable sources (2011)
OTKA Research on material- depending parameters of the dewatering process in order to intensify the drying of some food/feedstuffs (2005)
OTKA Development of thickness-independent drying model for agricultural crops based on dehydration process analysis (2004)