Processed Plant Structures Production, Modelling and Application-Oriented Classification Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Péter Szendrő DSc., professor, rector emeritus, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

CONTACT: Szendro.Peter,

Professor: 2
Associate professor: 1
Senior researcher: 1
PhD student: 1

Theory of comminution, Development of grinder and chipper, Development of vibration comminution mechanisms (MULTICATOR, VIBROCUT), Mechanical analysis of agricultural materials, Modelling of processed plant structures, Computational image processing and image analysis, 3D imaging and analysis, 3D frame modelling, 3D pile modelling, Rheological testing of waste water, Rheological test of wood chip pile, Electrostatic treatment of seeds, Seed cleaning by electrical characteristics (ELEKTŐR), Field measurements, Electrical measurements of mechanical quantities, Heat recovery from renewable energy, Energy use of plant piles (biogas, wood chips firing), Combustion devices

Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering
Hungarian Chamber of Engineers
Section of Agricultural Sciences of HAS
Committee on Agricultural Engineering of HAS
The National Council of Students' Research
Hungarian Rectors' Conference
Hungarian Society for Agricultural Sciences

Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering,
University of Pannonia, Hungary
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation Engineering, Hungary
University of West Hungary, Faculty of Wood Sciences, Hungary
University of West Hungary, Institute of Biosystems Engineering, Hungary
CLAAS Hungary Ltd., Hungary
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

agricultural material studies (impact strength, tensile test, rheometry, viscometry)
three-dimensional image recording
computational imaging
development of comminution machines (chopper, grinder)
consulting (mechanization of forage production, crushing, comminution technology, measurement technology)


OTKA Modelling and optimization of plant cluster structures prepared for non-food purpose (2007)
NKTH Jedlik The development of energy cane mass production technology and the agro-franchise-type model for renewable energy sources, BIOWATT(2007)
EU FP6 Innovative utilization strategies for sunflower biomass, HELICAS (2004)

Electricity wholesaler, Agricultural company