Grassland Management Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Julianna Tasi PhD., associate professor


Associate professor: 1
Department engineer: 1
PhD student: 1

Toxic and medicinal plants in the feed, Grassland management, quality assurance, The grassland production and utilization, The effects of the utilization rate, various types of lawn and grass species, Effect on the rate of broadleaf grassland quality of feed ingredients, Increase the yield of hilly grasslands, Grasslands farmyard manure, Over sowing grassland repair, Increasing stocking rate capacity, On uncultivated land to Grassing, Stubble height effects on yield and forage quality, Phenological investigation grasses, Options to extend the grazing season, Examination winter grazing crops, Organic grassland farming, The effects of climate change on grassland management, Turf management, Recultivation

Committee on Animal Husbandry and Foraging of HAS
Austrian Federation of Grassland and Forage

GAK Non-Profit Ltd., Hungary
Füzes Farm Ltd, Hungary
Micsutka Farm, Hungary
Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
University of Hohenheim, Germany
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Federal Institute for Agriculture in Alpine Regions Austria
Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Murska Sobota, Slovenia
Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia

•          consulting, expert opinion
•          grassland evaluation, grassland management surveys
•          grazing planning, organizing
•          joint research, education


NKTH TÉT Injury assessment model and determination of the drought in grassland management (2009)
NKTH-NTP The prevention, prediction and reduction of climate change damaging effects in the agri-food production verticum (2008)
NFÜ-TÁMOP ÖKOMAMA – Education of young parents on eco-tourism and eco-farming field and help them to find jobs in the area of Gödöllő, Aszód and Veresegyház  (2012)