Regional Knowledge Centre

DIRECTOR OF THE CENTRE: Lajos Helyes DSc., professor, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Balázs Kriszt PhD., associate professor
Daood Hussein PhD.

Professor: 1
Associate professor: 4
Senior research fellow: 2
Junior assistant professor: 2
Assistant: 1
PhD student: 9

Environmental remediation and monitoring by microbial strains and microbial techniques, Amplification (by fermentation) and molecular biology analysis (DNA based) of microbial strains, Eco and water toxicological tests, Cloning and expression of enzymes suitable for industrial use, Isolation and selection of microbes suitable for biodegradation. Testing and evaluation of different components (flavours, colors, vitamins, alkaloids ect.) of animal originated samples (milk, forage, meat ect.) and vegetable originated samples (vegetables, fruits, food products). Testing of organic and inorganic micro impurities and physical and chemical composition of surface water, subsurface water, wastewater and drinking water by classic analytical (volumetric analysis, gravimetric analysis) photometric, atomic absorption, atomic emission spectrometric and liquid chromatography methods.

Agricultural Biotechnology Center, Hungary
Centre for Agricultural Research, Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of HAS, Hungary
Research Centre for Natural Sciences of HAS, Hungary
Centre for Agricultural Research, Plant Protection Institute of HAS, Hungary
Institute of Experimental Medicine of HAS, Hungary
University of Debrecen, Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Hungary
University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology, Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering, Hungary
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany

ecotoxicological tests
molecular biology studies (cloning, sequencing)
taxonomy of bacteria, microbial community testing
propagation and production of fermentation, preparation of lyophilized microbe
widespread analytical testing of animal and vegetable originated samples
testing physical and chemical compositions of water and soil samples


NKTH Jedlik Improving food safety with reduction of mycotoxin contamination in cereal commodities (2008)
NKTH Jedlik The development of energy cane mass production technology and the agro-franchise-type model for renewable energy sources (2007)
NKTH Jedlik Complex utilization of bioenergy plant wastes and by-products in agricultural and environmental management (2007)

Motorway management company (since 2007), Oil and gas company (since 2007), Company for allergens, heavy metal contamination measuring and microbiological testing in food and feed (since 2009), Company engaged in design and implementation of measuring and control system projects (since 2009)